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I have found the training sessions very effective and helpful. What started out as a trial period, to help with my lower back, has become a regular part of keeping fit and healthy. It is amazing how even two one-hour sessions a week, fitted around my own work, have made such a difference. It also helps that they are done in such a positive spirit !

William Upton


I liked the fact the workouts were varied and not just in the gym. Also we used TRX suspension traininng which was very effective in achieving results. I have been able to fit my workouts around my work schedule. I had been doing regular classes and cardio but these sessions have helped me lose weight when my body had become used to my normal workouts so I was not losing any weight previously. My personal trainer was encouraging and motivated me.

Baljeet Sahotay


Working with Excer-fit helped me work on improving parts of my game in between training and games, they provided me with helpful health and fitness information and worked well around my busy schedule, I would recommend them to anyone that needs that extra bit of motivation.

Daniel Boateng

Arsenal FC

When I first started training with Excer-fit I wasn’t sure if I could fit in the time with my busy work schedule but I was pleased that they had flexibility in working around my schedule which sometimes meant odd hours. I am pleased that I have lost the weight within the time I want. It’s like having a portable personal trainer. How nice is that? Try them, I did!!   Jacqueline Smart Counsel, London      

  After giving birth Excer-fit helped me regain the confidence I had about my body before my pregnancy I would recommend their services to women everywhere, especially those who have just given birth and need to get back into shape.   Sonia Gallagher Homemaker, Islington    

I have been training with Excer-fit now for 4 months. I feel great and have reached levels of fitness I did not think I could attain. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting fit.   Adam J. Taugealder Marketing Executive, Battersea      

I was training in my comfort zone but I did not realise it until I started training with Excer-fit They made me take it to another level where the results are really showing   Tihir Solicitor, St. Johns Wood    

Not only did Excer-fit help me lose two stone, their advice and training turned my flabby, worn out body into one that is firm fit and strong. I recommend them to everyone.   Jennie George Teacher, London