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Never take your personal health for granted and improve your fitness today

When it comes to fitness not everybody is comfortable in a gym based environment. It may be that you prefer to work out alone and in the privacy of your own home or you may be struggling to keep momentum going and require support with motivation. A personal trainer is a fitness expert with the goal of actively improving your levels of fitness and your general well being. A personal trainer will assess your exact needs and devise a plan that incorporates them.

We at Excerfit are a team of fitness professionals that provide the highest standard of beneficial services in personal training Finchley based. It is proven to be a very effective method of improving your fitness and health as you and your trainer establish your exact goals and desires and your trainer then implements a suitable method of achieving them. People are individuals and we know that every client needs unique attention and we consult with you to establish your lifestyle in order to put together the best possible service that will bring you maximum benefit. In addition we can also provide you with a health screening service which is available on request.

We at Excerfit have studios in several North West London locations including Islington, Kensington and Finchley. All of our trainers work in our establishments but will also work at the location of your choice if you cannot or do not wish to utilise our studios.

We offer a range of services designed to meet the physical needs of every person. If you are looking to improve your general fitness and tone up our Pilates and Yoga instructors have vast experience in their fields and can help you improve not only your core strength and overall fitness but significantly improve the health of your mind and spirit.

Our Ante Natal and Post Natal regimes are specifically tailored to keep you strong, healthy before, during and after pregnancy and free from the baby weight those little bundles of joy can bring with them.

If you are training for a particularly gruelling event like a marathon or a triathlon we can help you train the right way to gain optimum levels of stamina and avoid injury.

We don’t forget about the little ones here and offer classes that focus on developing their abilities and encouraging them to understand the benefits of exercise and nutrition.

Our extensive services offer everything that could possibly be required with regards to personal training in Finchley and is the ideal way for all the family to get fit and improve their health. Visit us at

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