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Expert trainers are key to improving the health of North West London residents

A personal trainer is essentially a dedicated fitness professional that is committed to helping you improve your overall fitness and health. If you wish for more energy, a better body and to generally lead a healthier lifestyle then a personal trainer can offer you motivation and support to help you achieve your personal goals.

Excerfit provide first class training and therapeutic services to all manner of individuals. We are located in several establishments in the capital including St Johns Wood and Central London. We treat all our clients as the unique people they are and specifically adjust and adapt our services to suit each and every one. When training or trying to get fit some people thrive in the communal environment of a fitness studio whereas others prefer to work out in the privacy of their homes. Whatever your preference we will work around your needs and deliver the finest service whatever the location.

It is very important to us that you are comfortable and our personal trainers will do everything they can to establish a fitness plan that works for you. Before any work begins we will indulge in an in-depth consultation regarding lifestyle and relevant habits so we can establish the best possible plan for you. Should you require it we also offer a quality and advantageous health screening service.

Truly great health is not just about exercise but also the important issue of nutrition. We help you adapt and maintain a wholesome and balanced diet that is based on moderation and not restriction. Our support will establish the diet that will best benefit your constitution and you will learn the foods that work for you and against you.

Our range of services cover all aspects of healthy living and training and our trainers North West London based can assist you with targeted classes. We can structure regimes to focus on fat loss in men and women and the very specific building of muscles which requires patience and our experts will help you develop slowly and avoid the pitfalls of over training.

As we get older the body and metabolism can alter and sometimes we blame ageing for our shapes and fitness levels but often the cause is a decrease in activity. Our specialised over 50s training schedule will help you keep your weight down and remain active.

For high quality support from our expert trainers in North West London call 0207 683 6405.

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