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Health Tips

Drink eight glasses (2 litres) of water a day to stay hydrated.
Foods high in potassium such as bananas, avocado and oranges, white meat such as pork, chicken and fish as well as black cherry juice, blueberries, and lemon juice reduce the risk for gout.

Best Diet

There is no “best diet” for everyone, the best is the one that allows you as an individual to restrict calories and control hunger.

It is this simple;

Eat fewer calories than your body burns and you will lose weight. No other option is possible in this reality.

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Health Mate

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Expert trainers are key to improving the health of North West London residents

A personal trainer is essentially a dedicated fitness professional that is committed to helping you improve your overall fitness and health. If you wish for more energy, a better body and to generally lead a healthier lifestyle then a personal trainer can offer you motivation and support to help you achieve your personal goals. (more…)

Never take your personal health for granted and improve your fitness today

When it comes to fitness not everybody is comfortable in a gym based environment. It may be that you prefer to work out alone and in the privacy of your own home or you may be struggling to keep momentum going and require support with motivation. A personal trainer is a fitness expert with the goal of actively improving your levels of fitness and your general well being. A personal trainer will assess your exact needs and devise a plan that incorporates them. (more…)

Personal training in Islington will have extremely possitive effects on your health

Summer is nearly upon us and now is a better time than ever to start toning up for the all-important bikini body, especially if you are going somewhere sunny for your holiday. If you are searching for a company that can help you with your fitness regime then you’ve come to the right place. (more…)

What better way to get fit than personal training in North West London

Personal training is one of the best ways to get in shape. Whether you need rehabilitation to recover from an injury, or you simply want to make yourself trim, we can help. We are Excer-fit, offering North West London personal training. Our high quality services will help to keep you healthy, and get you in shape and looking completely fabulous. Whether at home, at work, or in one of our studios, our personal trainers and therapists can give you the best service possible. (more…)

The summer is the best time to become more fit and healthy

If you have decided the time has come to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle you may be wondering what the best option for you is. Many people love the communal sports facility where they can collectively inspire each other and enjoy the social aspect whereas others perform much better in an enclosed and private environment. If you fall into the latter category then a personal trainer could be the perfect accompaniment to your exercise regime as you would benefit from professional support and motivation all within the privacy of your home or a location of your choice. (more…)

Make yourself feel and look great in your fabulous summer wear

For many people the thought of summer stirs up feelings of dread as the hot weather means less clothing and if you don’t feel like you’re in great shape it can be a stressful time. We all love to wear our shorts and bikinis in the beautiful weather but getting in shape should not just be motivated by a desire to look a certain way. Fitness is about health and here at Excer-fit we are dedicated fitness professionals that commit ourselves to providing premium personal training Notting Hill clients will truly benefit from.<!–more–>

Our personal trainers are genuinely devoted to you and the improvement of your health. Everybody has their own personal goals and preferences when it comes to working out. We understand that some people thrive in a gym environment and others find it much easier to exercise in privacy. If this is the case then we can offer outstanding personal trainers that will sensitively support and motivate you to improve your overall fitness and get in shape.

Our bespoke service can be completely structured to suit every single client and our staff are fully equipped with expertise and knowledge that enables them to perform to the highest standard in any environment. Our service is highly professional and takes your health and welfare into account every step of the way.

We believe in the basic fundamental principle that a healthy balanced diet is key to optimum health and along with your fitness plan we will assist you in structuring a diet that is beneficial to you and the particular health goals you have in mind. We will also help you discover the foods that compliment your system and the ones that do not work for you. Everybody is an individual, inside and out and every plan is designed for you and you alone. We do not believe in strict diets and will structure a healthy and effective plan based on nutrition.

Our personal training services cover all aspects of physical exercise. We provide expert Yoga and Pilates instruction along with Anti and Post Natal training. We can provide great support for all forms of rehabilitation and our over 50s training can really highlight the benefits of staying active and encourage people to continue to enjoy all manner of physical activities. We offer unique programmes for the building of muscles and specifically tailored Marathon and Triathlon training.

All our services are designed to benefit our customers and are so comprehensive that we can confidently deliver supreme personal training in Notting Hill.